Asymcar 9. Stasis: Depreciation, Brands, Information Intransigence

Horace and Jim discuss shopping online for used cars and how and why the value of cars disappears so quickly. The conversation drifts into information asymmetry, the declining interest in auto maintenance and the perpetual closed-loop auto information model. We hypothesize on the impact of the coming self-monitoring and awareness of the lives of vehicles. Finally we ask whether the dysfunction in the industry is the cause or the effect of the ancient integrated factory model and the sustaining auto eco-system incentives that impede transformation.

Finally, we note Gordon Murray’s iStream vision and the deal with Yamaha.

32mb mp3 about 63 minutes.

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  • Bruce_Mc

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    is from “Me and Bobby McGee,” which was written by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster.

  • bendb

    Automatic liked your idea and pointed to a recently released API (in alpha):

    As an Automatic user, I can attest to the basic nature of the data currently available. It’s easy to imagine the possibilities as they build out the service, however, and encouraging that they seem amenable to opening the data loop.

  • iRush

    Hi, great shows! However, just to let you know if you are unaware, there is quite bad interference in Jim’s audio in past two shows.