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Asymcar 4: Death of a salesman

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Are cars sold or purchased? Horace Dediu and Jim Zellmer discuss automotive “ecosystems” vis-à-vis Apple and Tesla’s direct sales model. We further dive into the rigidity and risk of such value chains and divert a bit into automakers’ attempts at aviation. Finally, we consider the potential monetization of automotive metadata and what that might mean for new, perhaps “over the top” style entrants. [31MB 63 minute mp3]

Also history lessons: Ford Trimotor, Ford production system, The Kaiser people’s car.

Show notes:

Ford to Buy Up Dealerships in Test Program (1997).

Why Texas Banned Tesla Motors.

BMW’s “Mould Breaking” Retail Strategy.

Carmakers are desperate for ways to excite young buyers, who are increasingly apathetic about car ownership.


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