Asymcar 29: Atmospherics

Horace and Jim begin with the industry’s rhetorical bubble. We consider the auto eco-system’s atmospherics on auto companions and quickly revert back to the reality of today’s manufacturing practices and industry lead times.

Horace notes the early development of steam, electric and internal combustion engine cars. We discuss the external assets that sustained the engines we use today and what might change in the near term to support significant electric vehicle (EV) growth.

We close in contemplation of Uber’s purported 100,000 unit S-Class purchase.

26mb mp3, about 56 minutes.

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  • kristian handberg

    Love the podcast Gents, so thanks for your insight and efforts.
    You mention benchmarking of VW etc overheads early on in this pod (11.00) – could you please give me a steer on where I might find this reference?

  • JB

    Sure I love car content, but I had to unsubscribe to the Podcast because a couple of reasons.

    The host seems to ramble on. He is corralled by his host.

    Over the history of the podcast, Tesla has been a topic of discussion a lot and gets a decent amount of criticism that has been wrong to many times.