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Asymcar 24: Get rid of the Model T men

!! Apologies for intermittent audio problems. I tried to minimize these in post !!

We revisit “Antennagate”. Should organizations hire people with industry skills and experience or capable, driven outsiders?

Horace shares tales from Henry Ford’s personnel practices during the Model T to Model A transition.

The conversation accelerates into a discussion of aesthetics and jobs to be done. We muse on Tesla’s development, supply chain, aesthetics and market position while contrasting that with Toyota’s introduction of the Prius.

We close with speculation on what a “meaningful contribution” to the auto ecosystem might look like.

31mb mp3 about 66 minutes.

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Show Notes:

1. Antennagate. Smart learners.

2. Model T to Model A transition.

3. From the American System to Mass Production, 1800-1932.

4. Freedom’s Forge

5. Marc Tarpenning (Tesla) Video Thanks to Steve Crandall for this link.

6. Amazon’s Top Gear deal.

7. Toyota hires robotics expert for AI push.