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AsymCAR 3: Road Trip

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8-28-3.48.39 PMHorace Dediu and Jim Zellmer discuss the pleasures of traversing continents by road. This leads to a grand tour of powertrains, composites, fuel efficiency, regulation and Tesla’s luxury market entry. Which naturally leads to a conversation on emerging auto modularization, apps and ecosystems and where value will accrue. [32MB 67 minute mp3]

Show notes: Museum of the US Air Force, Strategic Air Command Museum, Mini Clubman D, GTI, Tesla, Google + VW Smile app, GPS HD app, diesel engine and diesel fuel.

Tesla S road trip.

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Podcast 2: Is Tesla Disruptive? Also Segway, Multiair, Winglet, Organ Donors & Regulation Über Alles

Horace Dediu and Jim Zellmer discuss the odds of disrupting the present automotive club via Tesla. We further dive into the regulatory and cultural environment that sustains the current players, while reflecting a bit on Segway, Toyota’s Winglet, organ donors and the Fiat “multiair” engine. Finally, we preview a larger discussion on apps in and around the car. [24MB 57 minute mp3]

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