Asymcar 23: “As as an industry turns to retro, you know it’s over”

Co-create. Design. Build. Shop. Creative Commons. Modular. Microfactories. New business models.

Horace and Jim talk with Matthew Gunson, Director of Brand Management at Phoenix based Local Motors.

We learn about Local’s business model, their view of automotive jobs to be done and the 3D printing driven micro factory. Automotive nostalgia and a detour into consumer behavior closes our conversation.s

26mb mp3 about 55 minutes.

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Show Notes:

Local Motors.

Volkswagen’s “California” Camper Van.

Bob Lutz: “Luxury in the “Modern Era“.

Local Motors’ latest 3D printed car project.

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  • Bruce_Mc

    Car nostalgia, camera nostalgia, both are significant trends for manufacturers right now. There are a lot of older people with money who support those trends. Me, I had a Mini in the 1970’s – I’d rather have a Juke today, although the lack of headroom might be a problem. I know I am in the minority for my generation though.

    I think that nostalgia in younger people may manifest more for video games than for cars, because they spent more time playing games than they did driving when they were young. Perhaps a nostalgic video game about cars like the one below would be more popular than an actual nostalgic car.